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About The Bichon Frise:
Popsuroz Bichons is committed to the quality of the breed and maintains the breed standard as agreed by the Kennel Club and the three Breed Clubs in the Uk.
Popsuroz Bichons are pleased to present to you the most fantastic, loving and loyal of companions, the Bichon Frise:
Originating in the Meditteranean, the Bichons were transported across Europe by sea-traders and were popularised by the French during the 1800's, the translation of Bichon Frise meaning "Curly Lap Dog".
The Bichon is a small breed of the Bichon type with a non-shedding or non hypo-allergenic coat that requires regular (daily) grooming (see below for more).
The Bichon is a small but sturdy dog weighing in at around 4-7kg (10-18lbs in old money) and standing 9 - 12 inches tall at the front shoulder.
Coat & Appearance: Although all white in colour, apricot markings may be apparant in puppies up to the age of around 18-months after which, such markings are considered a fault.
Ears, which need regular plucking are loose and floppy and the tail should be curved over the back with only the feathers (plumage) touching the back. A cork-screw tail is considered a fault.
Eyes should be dark, almost black in appearance with dark halos (eye lid edge) and round in shape not protruding.
Nose, black and shiny, sized in proportion to head and eyes, nose and eyes forming an equilateral triangle.
Useful Sources of Information:
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