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Popsuroz Bichon Frise - Poppy, Suki & Rosie
Poppy (centre) with daughters Suki & Rosie
About Us & Our Dogs
We are Trevor & Paula Norman and our current four Bichon girls, Poppy, Suki, Rosie and Lucy and our latest arrival, our first boy Bichon, Beau - Popsuroz Bichons.
Poppy was our first and she is now 10 and fit and healthy with Suki and Rosie being sisters from the same litter from Poppy, they are now 7 years old.
Popsuroz Bichon Frise - Sweet Suki Sue
Popsuroz Sweet Suki Sue
Sweet Suki Sue, Suki is the litter sister of Rosie below, born in 2006 and is now retired from the show ring.
Suki never really liked showing and although doing well as a puppy, never really settled in the adult classes and is now the biggest, softest and most lovable Bichon pet you can find.
Rosie (Bear)  has qualified for entry to Crufts for life after gaining her kennel Club Stud Book number at the Scottish Kennel Club (SKC) Championship show in August 2009.
Rosie is one of the smallest of our "pack" but has a wonderful shape, coat and attitude, what she lacks in size she makes up for in character - she loves the show ring and knows when she wins at which point she usually "shouts" for joy - she has now retired from the Show-ring.
The following pictures, courtesy of onEdition were taken ringside at Crufts, day 3, 2010.
Popsuroz Bichon Frise - Silver Lace Lady (Rosie) at Crufts
Rosie aka Silver Lace Lady at Popsuroz (Crufts 2010)
Popsuroz Bichon Frise - Silver Lace Lady (Rosie) at Crufts
Rosie aka Silver Lace Lady (Crufts 2010) being prepared for the ring by Paula.
Popsuroz Bichon Frise - Majestic Ivory Lady (Lucy) rescued at 10-months
Lucy, the "Asbo" dog, we rescued from a home with no knowledge of the Bichon's requirements and she came to us unloved, untrained and very unsure of herself with many behavioural problems - now, 18+months on, she is now happy in her new home with people who understand and love the mischievous character of the Bichon Frise (Lucy especially).
Popsuroz Bichon Frise - Rusmat Bilbo Baggins at Popsuroz (Beau)
Beau is the first boy Bichon for the Popsuroz kennel and comes from the award winning, Champion breeding Rusmar kennel.  Born in October 2009 and already showing form having won his first award at 4-months old and again at 5-months for the puppy walk at ringcraft, we are looking forward to Beau "Strutting his Stuff"from April 2010 - look out for him!!!
Beau took his first two class wins at the Welsh Kennel Club and Scottish Kennel Club Championship Shows this summer (2010).
Beau has subsequently won almost every class entered into since August 2010 and continued to be admired by many - new pictures of Beau coming soon!!
Beau is now a daddy and a very proud and doting one at that - you have already seen the pictures of his three sons on the home page and hopefully, they will carry some of Beau's qualities with their mum being our very own Rosie Bear, the only bitch of our pack to currently hold a Kennel Club Stud Book number (her son Billy also has his now). 
**2012 Update -
Beau becomes a daddy for the first time, 3 stunning boys, all healthy and doing fine.**
Popsuroz Bichons ~ Lilly
Popsuroz Lucky In Life ~ Lilly (Put)
Born in 2010, larger than life Lilly, our new Asbo dog is the daughter of Rosie and sister to Mikka (below).
Lilly has not been used for showing but in fact is very good at agility and will be entering her first agility competition in the autumn of 2012 - keep watching for updates.
We are hoping to breed from Lilly in 2013.
Unlike her sister Mikka below, Lilly is very laid back but clever, especially at being sneaky to get what she wants, especially when she knows she is not allowed it!!
Popsuroz Bichons - Mikka (Moomins)
Popsuroz White Rose of Love - Mikka
The biggest in the litter when born, Mikka is tiny and as a result we don't show her although in her first and only show, she took 2nd and qualified for Crufts.
Tiny she may be but she is huge in personality which is why we kept her - Mikka is entertainment in herself and is never found far away from her tennis ball (a cat one of course!!).
Mikka also does agility and won a second at the Welsh Kennel Club Agility Championship Show in 2013 at her first attempt.
Due to her size, Mikka will not be bred from.
Mikka, the Bichon that never stops.
Paula is a professional groomer having been professionally trained in addition to being a specialist Bichon groomer having been on several specialist grooming seminars for Bichon Frise. Paula us also City & Guilds L3 qualified.
Visit Paula's website at http://www.wilddogz.co.uk/grooming-services.html
Trevor is a professional dog trainer (Master Dog Trainer), canine behaviourist (insurance company approved) and is currently studying for a masters degree in canine psychology and behaviour at Middlesex University.  He is also qualified in Micro-chipping.
Visit Trevor's website for more information and advice on your pets behaviour and training requirements at http://www.wilddogz.co.uk/
Both Trevor & Paula are committed to the welfare of all dogs, the Bichon Frise especially and served for a number of years on the committee of the Bichon Frise Club of Great Britain - http://www.bichonfriseclubofgb.info/ with contacts throughout the Uk and Irish Bichon fraternity in addition to contacts within many other breeds.
It is the aim of Popsuroz Bichon Frise to produce quality dogs, placed in quality homes for all-round quality of long-life.
Popsuroz Bichon Frise do not sell cheap puppies, or, puppies cheap, in order to ensure the quality of the commitment of the potential new owner.
Our puppies however do come vaccinated, socialised, micro-chipped and a basic level of obedience training backed up with compete after care and support - not something you get from a puppy farmer or commercial breeder!!
Popsuroz Bichon Frise are also registered by the Kennel Club on its Assured Breeders Scheme meaning a minimum quality of standards must be achieved and maintained - http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/
For 2010, we shall be introducing our first boy, Beau, into the Popsuroz Bichon Frise Show Team and will be offering him to stud for suitable owners of suitable bitches - not all bitches or owners are suited to breeding and in order to preserve quality of lineage, refusal may be a neccessity.
Puppies - We only very occasionally have puppies available and all enquiries for puppies should be made via our Contact Us page ensuring in the comments box you include a brief summary of your experience / knowledge of the Bichon Frise and why you are looking for a puppy.
Popsuroz Bichon Frise only sell puppies to suitably experienced / knowledgable persons in order to preserve quality of life for the dog - just because we may have puppies, does not mean that we shall sell them to the first person to wave cash under our nose.
Popsuroz Bichons are committed to quality and observe the Kennel Club Breed Standards closely.
"Popsuroz ~ Breeding quality, well balanced Bichon Frise"