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Interested in Showing Dogs?
Popsuroz Bichons offers the following advice based on our own experiences when first starting showing:
Showing your pride and joy is a good, fun and enjoyable interactive way to get the most out of your relationship with your pet providing you accept and follow a few basic considerations:
Not all dogs are suitable for or in fact enjoy the show ring, some may feel threatened or intimidated by all the different smells and noise (if it is noisy to us, how must it be for them, especially a puppy) and therefore it is best to test the waters at a Ring-Craft class (contact us for details of good classes) to see how your puppy / dog copes, either way, it must be vaccinated with no behavioural problems and must be a pedigree dog, registered with the Kennel Club.
  • Open Show or Championship? - Open shows tend to be held more locally to you, are less intense and a great way to socialise and interact with other like minded people.  They also serve as your "apprenticeship" before taking on the Championship Shows.
  • Championship shows tend to be much larger, often held over several days and broken down into "Groups" depending on breed.  Bichons for example fall into the "Toy" group.
  • To qualify for entry at Crufts, you must gain a 1st to 3rd placement in your class (not all classes qualify though) at a Championship show offering CC's (Challenge Certificates) where gaining 3 CC's earns you the right to the title of Champion for your dog.
  • Showing is enjoyable and a great way to socialise, however, for many breeds, especially long coated breeds like the Bichon, it becomes a major commitment on your part with regard to the grooming and preparation of your dog.  Few commercial groomers will prepare your pet for the Show ring due to the time required however, specialist groomers like Poppy's Pals Grooming, groomer to Popsuroz Bichons will, provided you are prepared for the additional cost involved.
  • Get the right equipment; A special show lead is required for most breeds which is different to the standard lead you use for walkies.  Also, you may need grooming equipment, Poppy's Pals Grooming can advise on this and depending on the size of your dog, you may need a show trolley / cage.
Our Show Results
With the exception of Poppy (Densown Silver Lace at Popsuroz (mum)), who never really enjoyed the show ring, all of our girls have qualified for, or have been shown at Crufts - www.crufts.org.uk with Lucy (Majestic Ivory Lady at Popsuroz), our rescue girl, qualifying for 2010 at Bournemouth Championship Show (2009).
Rosie (Popsuroz Silver Lace Lady) and Suki (Popsuroz Sweet Suki Sue) have both been shown at Crufts, Suki in 2008, Rosie in 2008, 2009 & 2010 and who has now qualified for life in Scotland (2009) by gaining her Kennel Club Stud Book number, an important award.
Beau (Rusmar Bill-Bo Baggins at Popsuroz), our new addition for 2010 and our first boy started his show campaign in the spring and has placed at every show so far, qualifying for Crufts 2011 and recently taking back-to-back class wins at the Welsh and Scottish Kennel Club Championship shows in August - according to the judges critiques who all write highly of him as being masculine, well formed and well presented - watch this space!!
** News - Beau takes first in class at Crufts 2011 and receives a fantastic critique by the Judge (Mrs B Dickinson)in her post-show assessment in the Dog press.