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Popsuroz Bichons, Poppy - the Face of........
     Poppy - The Face of Popsuroz 
Trevor & Paula have had dogs for the last 20+ years, German Shepherds initially before switching to a smaller, easier breed, the Bichon Frise.
Oh were we misguided?
Easy - No!
Fun - Absolutely, how much mischief, fun and of course love can you get from one small bundle of white fluff, let alone several bundles?
Popsuroz Bichons - Rosie BearPopsuroz Bichon Frise, a registered Kennel Name with the Kennel Club came about after our first litter from which we selected Suki and Rosie to keep from a litter of 5, (3 girls and 2 boys)
Popsuroz is therefore made up of POPpy, SUki and ROZie.
Our Website is designed to provide you with as much information on this truly wonderful breed whilst showcasing our own pack of fabulous dogs which is gradually increasing in size - yes they are addictive!!
Whilst our web site portrays us as breeders, Popsuroz Bichons are in fact NOT commercial breeders and only have the occasional litters as part of our lineage development.
Any puppies surplus to our own requirements may be offered for sale subject to a personal review of the potential purchaser and then will only be sold under contract - this ensures puppy farmers and other unscrupulous breeders do not get their hands on our dogs and only conciensious and committed people who will care for their dog as they would any other investment. 
No puppies available currently
Breaking News
Popsuroz Bilbo's Boy (aka Billy) takes first in Class at Crufts 2014, first in class at Southern Counties Canine 2014 Championship Show in May and first in class at Three Counties 2014 Championship Show in June under international judge Andrew Brace.
Andrew then awarded Billy the Dog CC (3 cc's = UK Champion) and reserve best of breed. Pictures to follow soon.
2nd Challenge Certificate (cc) and reserve best of breed won at East of England Championship Show in July 2016 - only one more to make Billy a Show Champion!
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3-week old Bichon Frise puppies with their fantastic mum
Our Last Litter:
Born on July 8th 2012, we had three stunning Bichon Boy puppies - Billy (Popsuroz Bilbo's Boy), Dewey (Posuroz Evening Dew) & Podge (Popsuroz Pumpkin Pie - living on the Isle of Wight).
A marriage between our very own Beau and Rosie (see next page for profiles),
Click on the images below for short video clips:
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Popsuroz Bichon puppies @ 3.5 weeks
Popsuroz Bichons - Rosie with her 3 boys
Born on Sunday 8th July 2012, Rosie protectively cuddles two of her new born sons in the whelping box.
Popsuroz Bichons - 3-week old male puppy
Not quite 3-weeks old and already showing the true Bichon character and loving cuddles whilst on his back with all to show.
The nose and lip pigment is developing nicely and his pads are also starting to turn black.
A hungry fella, more than trebling his weight in under 3-weeks, testiment to the care provided by his excellent mum, Rosie.
Watch our time-line slide show below:
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Popsuroz Bichons - Gold Digging.Dewey hard at work and doing all the things a future show dog should not be doing!!Oh well, at least he is having fun just as a puppy should.
More pictures and video to follow, keep watching.
The Litter of 2010
Mika - Popsuroz White Rose of Love (Bichon Frise)
Born July 2010
Popsuroz White Rose of Love
(Now qualified for Crufts)
Buzz - Popsuroz Prince Ogier (Bichon Frise)
Born July 2010
"Popsuroz Prince Ogier"
Lilly - Popsuroz Lucky in Life (Bichon Frise)
Born July 2010
"Popsuroz Lucky In Life"
Rosie - Popsuroz Silver Lace Lady (Bichon Frise)Please explore our website, enjoy the pictures of our "pack", the Popsuroz Show Team and learn from the information given to assist you and ensure you gain as much from this super small dog as we have.
We have also provided you links to other associated web sites to help you further your research.
We are happy to assist in the locating of Puppies, rehoming of unwanted Bichons or general information and advice, just click on the Contact Us at the top of the page and fill in your details. 
Please do not copy or use any of our images without our express permission -all Images are the sole property of Popsuroz Bichons.
Popsuroz Bichons, Poppy's Pals Grooming Services and WildDogz Behaviour Correction & Professional Training are committed to the care and welfare of dogs within the local community and are members of several other breed and training clubs.   
Popsuroz Bichon Frise